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5 Tips to Help You Handle Stress During Finals Week

5 Tips to Help You Handle Stress During Finals Week

As finals week is among us, college students feel overwhelmed and stressed to the point that they lose sleep, overeat or stop eating, and experience high levels of anxiety. This blog is designated to help you not avoid your stress but handle the high levels 

Meditation for Your Mental Health

Meditation for Your Mental Health

School has finally begun! This means a lot of us are starting many new chapters in our lives. Whether that be new classes, a new job, new friends, or maybe even a new environment. Change is good, but sometimes it can be stressful. In my 

Healthy Habits for Maintaining Stress

Healthy Habits for Maintaining Stress

Unfortunately summer is coming to an end. Although summer is a great time to work on yourself and reset, I am looking forward to the school year starting up once again. I feel as though I have had my time to relax and take a break from the classroom for long enough. However, despite my excitement for fall semester to start, I am a bit worried about my stress levels when I am bombarded with classes, trying to stay active, maintaining my friendships/relationship, work, etc. It is hard to go from laying out in the sun most days of the summer to having a lot of activities and work to balance. That is why in today’s blog we are going to talk about healthy habits you can practice to keep your stress levels down. Remember, if you wanna stay updated on all things UW-W Aquatics and Fitness follow us on our social media platforms! Our instagram page is @recsports_uww. Find us on Facebook by searching UW-Whitewater Rec Sports or by clicking here to view our summer content for all branches of Rec Sports. 

Healthy Habits to Practice for Fall of 2022 

● Exercise Regularly 

○ If I am going to be honest, I really don’t love to exercise. It often feels like a chore, and not a fun one. That is why recently I have been trying to find different ways to exercise rather than just going to the gym every single day. Going for walks and running outdoors has been on the top of my to do list. And of course every now and then I hit the gym. No matter what your physical activity is, I find that it takes my mind off stressful situations like school and work. Try to stay active almost every day no matter how big or small that physical activity is for the day. 

● Get on Balanced Sleep Cycle 

○ Maintaining a regular sleep schedule has always been a struggle for me. I often find myself going to bed at late hours of the night and not wanting to wake up early the next morning. That is why one of my goals for this fall semester is to get my sleep cycle on track! When you get the proper amount of sleep each night I find that it is a lot easier to tackle your responsibilities each day. 

● Good Time Management 

○ With social media being so prevalent in today’s society, I also struggle staying on track and managing my time. However, this is so important because if you manage your time well you will be able to fit in all of your tasks for the day with no problem. Some days may be harder than others, however, if you manage properly it will be a lot easier. 

● Practice Self Care 

○ Whether it be through a solo spa day or a relaxing day of napping and watching Netflix, self care is very important. Personally, I am not big on face masks, journaling, and having a great skincare routine. But, I love relaxing and taking a night off from my responsibilities every now and then. That is why if I am able to manage my time properly I will be able to fit in my self care when needed!

● Stay Organized 

○ Organization is key! If you are someone who struggles with organization look up videos on YouTube and TikTok on how to do it better. No matter if you are good or bad at staying organized it is so important to reduce stress. This way no plans or assignments can come as a surprise to you. 

● Talk to People 

○ Anxious thoughts and stress related issues are not an easy thing to deal with alone. Talk to friends and family you trust if you are experiencing mental health struggles. Talking to a professional is also so beneficial. At UW-W we have counseling services free of charge to our students. If this is something you are interested in in order to maintain your stress visit this link for more information. 

Best of luck to all those starting their fall semester of school soon! Remember throughout all of this, 

Do not get discouraged, 

Cora Shircel

Your Gut Affects Your Mental Health

Your Gut Affects Your Mental Health

Not taking care of your gut health can lead to serious issues with your mental health. Having poor gut health can cause anxiety, fatigue, lack of motivation, and can cause more stress on your body. Stress is a leading factor in poor gut health. Finding