Myths and Misconceptions

Myths and Misconceptions

With the rapidly fast growing rate of the internet, there is so much information out there.
Especially within the fitness industry there are a lot of tips and tricks surrounding health, weight
loss, muscle growth, etc. However, a lot of this information happens to be incorrect or
misleading. In today’s blog I will be discussing some of the common fitness and health myths
and misconceptions. This topic is actually a part two to one of my past blogs. Click here to read
that one as well!

Fitness and Health Myths and Misconceptions:

● MYTH: Weight Loss is Solely Based on Workout Habits
○ No matter how hard you exercise, you cannot erase your bad eating habits.
Although health and fitness includes diet and exercise, 80% of your appearance
and results are based on diet.

● MYTH: Lifting Heavy Weights Causes Women to Bulk
○ Due to the fact that women have a much smaller amount of testosterone
throughout their bodies, it is much harder for them to bulk up even if they
complete the same exercises and eat the same diet as a man. With this being
said, women will not bulk by simply lifting heavy weights consistently. You need a
source of chemical assistance and a lot of protein.

● MYTH: Reducing Fat in One Area of the Body Can Work
○ The best way to burn fat is to do high intensity workouts such as HIIT or
exercises such as deadlifts and squats. Burning fat also has a lot to do with your
diet. If you are working out 7 times a week, but eating foods with a lot of sugar
and fats it will be much harder to see your progress.

● MYTH: Working Out on an Empty Stomach Increases Weight Loss
○ I myself thought that the statement above was true. It has been stated that
working out on an empty stomach will aid in fat burn and weight loss. However,
this is a myth. Working out before eating anything actually makes your body burn
off muscle. This defeats the purpose of trying to build muscle when going to the
gym. Not only that, but the lack of food causes a lack in energy leading to an
inability for your body to perform at peak levels.

● MYTH: Egg Whites are Healthier than Egg Yolks
○ Commonly, it is known that egg whites are the healthier option when it comes to
weight loss and fat. Many people choose to remove the yolk and only eat the
whites. However, it is found that egg yolks are not bad for your cholesterol.
Commonly people pair eggs with food such as bacon or fry them in butter. These
two foods are actually the source of possible heightened cholesterol rather than
the egg yolk itself.

After reading up on these myths and misconceptions are you surprised by any? Personally, I
believed in a few of those statements before educating myself further. This is why it is so
important that we find trustworthy and credible sources when looking for any information on the
internet. For more information on fitness myths and misconceptions click here. Overall,
remember how important it is to listen to your own body’s wants and needs regarding fitness
and health. Your body’s intuition is almost always right!

Do not get discouraged,

Cora Shircel