How to Incorporate Exercise into your Daily Routine

Getting into a consistent workout routine is hard enough, but fitting a workout into your busy schedule can be even more difficult. With school, work, homework, and a social life it can sometimes seem impossible to balance it all at once. But, as they say consistency really is key. I find when I take a few days or even weeks off from the gym it is just that much harder to get back into a healthy schedule. This is why it is so important to make time in your day specified for working out. So, if you are struggling with this problem I have a few great tactics and tips for you; just keep reading!

Making Exercise a Priority:

● Wake Up Early
○ Now, as hard as it may sound, waking up early is one of my biggest tips
for being productive. Getting up even a little bit earlier than usual allows
you to make time to get a workout in. This could be as simple as taking a
walk around your neighborhood or running on the treadmill. Whatever it
may be, there are no negatives in waking up earlier to get a good start to
your day.

● Get Fresh Air
○ As stated in the previous tip, exercise does not have to be complicated.
Go outside and get some vitamin D and fresh air while going on a walk.
Personally, this is an enjoyable way for me to get exercise while hanging
out with friends. Especially during this global pandemic, getting outside is
more important than ever. When I do not have work I often have no
reason to leave the house so going on a walk is the perfect (and healthy)

● Run Errands

○ Getting out of the house is so important, as we talked about in the
paragraph above. A good goal to set for yourself is to get your steps in for
the day. The goal amount of steps for the average person is 10,000 a day.
In doing this you are tracking your steps and making sure you also get out
of the house. This can be done simply by running errands. Go grocery
shopping or make a stop at the post office and this can be your exercise
for the day. Whatever it is, just make sure you are setting goals for
yourself so you can continue to improve.

● Be Active While Relaxing
○ Another one of my favorite ways to exercise without making it feel like a
workout is to be active while relaxing. For me, I like to hop on either the
treadmill or the elliptical and watch my favorite TV show for an hour. This
allows me to get time away from school and homework while also being
productive. Doing this makes working out go by much faster!

As you can see, exercise is simple. Rather than overthinking it and forcing
yourself to go to the gym every day try one of the tactics above. With all of this being said, remember to take rest days. Yes, exercising is important to your health, but rest days are just as important so that your body can rest and recover. I hope you find these tips helpful!

Do not get discouraged.

Cora Shircel

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