Metabolism Matters

A way of converting food into energy is a process known as metabolism. The processes of breathing, repairing cells, and digesting food all go through the chemical process called metabolism which keeps you living. There are many misconceptions of ways to boost your metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you will burn while resting. Overall, boosting your metabolism can help with energy, skin, mood, and
weight loss. In today’s blog we will be discussing a few simple ways to boost your metabolism.

Simple Ways to Boost Your Metabolism:

Drink More Water
○ You can never have too much water in a day. Drinking water can help with many things, one of them being increasing your metabolism. Specifically, drinking more cold water will help with calorie burning. Studies have shown that increasing your water intake thirty minutes before eating will help you eat less and in turn reduce overeating.

● Complete a High Intensity Workout
○ High-intensity workouts can be anything from a simple set of sprints on the treadmill to a HIIT workout. Whatever high-intensity workout you are doing make sure that it is a burst of exercise at a fast rate. This will not only help boost your metabolism, but also reduce your body fat as well.

Eat Spicy Foods

○ This is a very simple one for me because spicy food is my favorite kind of
food. Eating pepper specifically will help due to the capsaicin they contain.
Click HERE to read this study which has more information! Of course if
you do not like spicy food do not force it on yourself, just try one of the
other tips instead!

● Eat Protein
○ It is important to get your serving of protein in every meal. Protein has
been proven to make you feel more full which in turn prevents you from
overeating. Eating more protein can also be associated with losing fat as
well. This study has more information on the benefits of eating protein in
relation to metabolism.

Get a Good Night’s Rest
○ Sleep is one of the most important things your body needs to function
properly. When considering metabolism, lack of sleep has been linked to
obesity and an increase in blood sugar levels. A lack of sleep decreases
the number of calories you burn. Bottom line is, get more sleep!

Those are a few ways in which you can improve your metabolism. For more information and various other ways to boost your metabolism click HERE to learn more. Overall, make sure you are monitoring your diet and exercise regularly in order to stay on track to a healthy lifestyle.

Do not get discouraged.

Cora Shircel

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