It’s Spring Break so Spring Into Action!

Spring break is right around the corner Warhawks. Just because we have a break doesn’t mean that our goals and health stops. Spring into action of this spring break! Whether you are going to a sunny, warm beach or going home to sit on your couch, you need to take care of yourself. Being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on vacation or on break is very important. If you are going on a vacation, this blog has key information to help you make health decisions while on break.

            The first tip to staying healthy while on vacation/break is to stay hydrated. Drink a ton of water to help prevent dehydration, false hunger, and to keep your body fully functioning. The second tip is to make sure you are eating enough calories throughout the day and to not save up your calories. Don’t save up your calories for a huge meal. If you skip meals or snacks to save room, you can cause overeating or causing huge impacts to your metabolism. The third tip is to continue doing everything in moderation. Eat, drink, and life your spring break to what you are capable of and what you can handle. Don’t try and go overboard with foods and drinks that is more than you can handle. Treat yourself and enjoy the break as well as making sure you can handle it. The fourth piece of advice is don’t let the break/vacation affect your health goals. Continue to work towards goals you set before break, workout if possible, eat and drink just like you do outside of break. Your body will thank you and you will be thankful when you return back home or to Whitewater to your normal routine. The last tip I am going to give you is to continue staying active over vacation. When on break/vacation, it is more likely than not that your drinking and eating patterns are going to change and be a bit more unusual. Make sure you balance out everything you intake to everything you are doing for your body. Do little activities to help keep you active such as swimming, going for a walk, run or hike or maybe ride a bike. Even if it isn’t your normal workout, try and embrace little ones into your vacation to continue your path of staying active.

            Going on break and vacation can be a lot of fun. Whether you are out in the sun or working a ton, you are away from your normal routine. You can stay healthy while even on spring break. Don’t let the “break” in spring break stop you from your health goals. Have a fun and relaxing spring break Warhawks!

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

Emma O’Connor