Top 5 Freshman Tips

Top 5 Freshman Tips

If your first day of college is coming up on campus at UW-Whitewater, it would be fair if you’re a bit nervous. Of course, plenty of time has been spent on preparation. Things like securing funds, nailing down your living situation, and picking out a meal plan (more on that later) have been completed, but your big day is soon approaching. If you still feel like you want a bit more advice, check out this blog page for great tips from Warhawk Athletics on everything UWW! But before you leave to go read more great blogs, check out my top tips for incoming Freshmen:

  1. Reach out to your roommate, and try to become friends! Chances are that if you have a roommate, you’re going to be seeing a lot of them. I have heard bad stories, but for the most part, roommate pairings work out well, especially if you go into it with a good attitude. Reach out to them before school starts so you’re more comfortable sharing your space with these people. Former roommates of mine have gone on to become lifelong friends, built on the close relationship of living together!
  2. Memorize your schedule. Chances are that your classes might not all be in the same buildings, like high school. Make sure to go visit your classrooms a few days ahead of time, so you’re well acquainted with where you’re going to be headed.
  3. Join a Club. UWW has a huge list of clubs you could join, from S.A.G.E. to 91.7 the edge joining clubs is one of the fastest ways to make friends, especially outside of your major.
  4. Make the most of your Meal Plan. Chances are you have some sort of on-campus eating arrangement. It would be wise to spend a bit of time finding all the different choices you have than just Esker and Drumlin. Also, if you hate eating at a certain place, make sure to try out everything! I ate Erbs almost every day from the first day of classes onward,  and it is still pretty good. Exploring what a meal swipe can get you at different places is an eye opening experience. My favorite thought? The Olive, for sure.
  5. Get in some fitness! Of course, we at Warhawk Fitness & Athletics sure hope that all new students come and check out our awesome recreational facilities. With a gym membership, you get access to free Group Fitness classes, the Williams Center Weight room, and the UF studio, in the bottom of Wells.  But even if you decide not to get the membership, we still have something to keep you entertained! Students can check out sports equipment with their Hawkcard, and get access to the pool, and gyms. If shooting hoops outside or playing soccer are more your speed, the rec fields across from the Williams Center are open for student use as well.


  1. Intramurals? One of the things  that I struggled with the most after High School was not playing sports. I wasn’t good enough to make any teams here on campus, but I didn’t want to let my competitive spirit die. If this sounds like you, you’ve got to check out Intramurals! Here at UWW, they’re pretty serious, and if your team is good enough, you might just have a free shirt coming your way!

    I hope you reach your fitness goals!

    Ethan Maurice

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