Creating Your Balance

Creating a routine for yourself can be a difficult process, but also one of the most rewarding. Health wise, it’s really hard. I can easily say that 95% of the people I know have started a healthy lifestyle whether it be a workout routine, diet, or training that have quit only a week in. This is unfortunate, but also very common. Having a routine whether it is fitness related, or even just a daily one, it can help create balance and comfortability in your life. Now, I’m not one to preach living your life by your routine but rather to incorporate it to your spontaneous life. Given the importance of finding your balance, I wanted to share a few tips on not only how to develop a routine, but also keep it.

Physical Reminders

We all live a busy life, we are all human, we forget things. Something that I have found to be helpful has been to leave items around that will remind me to do something. If I want to go for a run after work, I will leave my running shoes right next to the door. If it’s skincare related, leave your items right next to the sink rather than in your bathroom cubby and so on.

Test it out

Sometimes you might think a routine is good for you but in reality, everything is not for everyone. Some would say to test it out for a month to see how it feels to you but I’m a little impatient. I would say to feel it out for two weeks to really see how it affects you or just try it till you don’t like it. Health related, it could only take about a week or two to see/feel resultsso do what you feel is best!

Take it slow

Nobody is expected to pick up a routine immediately, and if you do, congrats. For people who don’t pick it up as easily, take it easy. You don’t have to dive completely in on the first day. If your goal is to wake up early and workout, start by setting your alarm earlier and earlier each day then start working out. Eventually, you will get to your goal!

Starting a routine can be hard, and everyone knows that! If it helps to tell your group of friends or family routine, maybe they can help you too. As said before, having a routine is a great way to create balance in your life. Help yourself out by starting a good one!


Don’t wait for the opportunity, create it

Alexis Kisgen




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