I Think We Need to Take a Break…

…from social media. “I think we need to take a break” gives you anxiety by just reading it in your head, so it’s fair that when someone tells you it’s time to take a break with social media, you freak out. I’m not saying you need to take a break because social media is “toxic”, because it doesn’t have to be. Just as anything, you have the power to make your social media experience nontoxic. I am telling you to take a break because of the benefits it has!

Give your body a break

Have you ever thought about the physical toll of being on your phone creates? Your head is looking down constantly, your arm is being held in a weird position, and your eyes are constantly looking into blue light (the light that comes off our phones and computers). Our bodies have to be SO uncomfortable.

Recharge YOUR batteries

Studies upon studies have shown that social media can be the cause of anxiety so it’s safe to say that social media definitely takes its toll on our mind. Not to mention seeing all of these pictures, opinions, etc. can make you think about a million different things in a matter of minutes. While it’s great to be thinking and creating, people need a break sometimes. 

Reconnect with the world

Sometimes it can be very easy to get lost in the world of social media, so much in fact that we forget our own life. There’s a saying that goes “be the child you were”. It can be good to remember what we liked as children, go back to before the digital age. As a child I loved to read, but as I grew older I lost that drive. Taking a break from social media allows us the time to go back to our roots, focus on the people around us, the hobbies we like, even the world around us.

Social media doesn’t have to be a bad platform for us. It allows people to be inspired, creative, and show their talents. With every good thing, it is always a good idea to rest and take a break. Taking a social media break allows us to regain mental and physical health. So before you try a detox tea, try a social media detox.


Don’t wait for the opportunity, create it

Alexis Kisgen

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