Summertime Madness

Transitioning from school to summer can be confusing and difficult, especially if you’re starting a summer job. During school you have a specific routine whether you know it or not. You had your school schedule for one, and on top of that I’m sure you had a way of doing things before and after class. Either way, you were probably comfortable in your school days. Now everything is different. You aren’t around your friends, you don’t have classes everyday, you don’t have the Williams Center or UF to workout in (sad!). Summer is a big transition and it’s something we have to get used to every year. Sitting on our butts and looking around for the answer isn’t going to help though. Summer is the perfect time to figure yourself out! We can’t let go of everything we have worked for this past school year so here’s some ways to keep that routine going but also changing it! Hopefully this will motivate you! 


 What. a. DRAG right? Wrong. Summer is the perfect time to figure out what you like to read. Explore your options and pick up different genres. Reading allows us to exercise our minds without all the hard labor of homework for class We get to actually enjoy the reading versus dreading it because it was assigned. Personally, reading is a morning activity for me. This allows me to stimulate my mind before heading to work and leaves me ready for the day. If you don’t like reading, I recommend podcasts. Even if you’re listening mindlessly you would be surprised of what you can pick up on.


 If coming to the Williams Center was apart of your school routine and you don’t have a gym where you are, try incorporating some new workouts. One that helps the mind and body is yoga. This is a nice exercise to end your day with. It allows you to process your day, let out the bad, and also get in a nice workout. Typically speaking, one can burn up to 600 calories in a class and that’s not even hot yoga!


 Planning is important in any aspect of life but during the summer it can be even more important. Typically, summer means relaxing which it is, but for those who have a job you need to be able to pick up the pace again. Even putting reminders in your phone can help! This can help you keep track of everything from social to work.

Although it is summer and it should be a time for relaxing, we can’t forget about keeping our schedule on track too. Find that nice balance of work and play (a little more play in the summer) but also remember your priorities! Get set in your days and enjoy your summer, Warhawks!

Don’t wait for the opportunity, create it

Alexis Kisgen


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