Paddle board, anyone?

Paddle Board PhotoBy: Mary Marren

A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out with my friend when she mentioned that she recently started paddle boarding. It was always something that I wanted to try so I asked her if I could come with to her class. When we found out a spot opened up to join the class we headed right over to the beach.

As a newbie I was glad to be with an instructor for my first time going out on the water. We got our boards, and we were off! Immediately I realized that standing on a paddle board, in a lake with boats all around, is not the easiest task. My balance started to kick in and all I could focus on was not falling! When we started paddling out to the lake it was easier to fall into a rhythm with the waves.

At the time it seemed like a relaxing ride with some good company, but later I realized that it was also a great workout! Paddle boarding challenges your balance, your core, and your arms. With all of that being said, I was instantly hooked.

Since I found paddle boarding to be an enjoyable workout I wanted to kick it up to the next gear. The next day I took a yoga paddle boarding class. This is a yoga class that is done out on the water on your paddle board. The intensity started to kick in right away when we started doing the yoga poses.  Every muscle that was being worked in my body from paddle boarding instantly kicked into over drive. It was awesome.

Paddle boarding may seem out of reach here in Whitewater, but the place where I go is right in Lake Geneva which is only 30 minutes away. If you are looking for some adventure I’d would highly recommend the adventure club at Clear Water Outdoors in Lake Geneva.  They give you all the equipment needed, take you to the lake, and the classes are a group setting rather than going alone.

Paddle boarding not your thing? They also offer kayaking, rock climbing, and cross country skiing in the winter. Obviously this is not an everyday thing, but if you are looking for some extra adventure in your life to accompany your everyday workout, I would highly recommend it.

Feel free to check out their website!

Stay Healthy Stay Strong,
Mary Marren

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