Underground Oasis 10/23/2020 Blog

Underground Oasis 10/23/2020 Blog

Kanye West recently dropped a new single titled “Nah Nah Nah.” Kanye teased the track on his twitter before dropping it. Before he tweeted out a snippet of the track, he posted a poll that had him above Trump and Biden in the presidential election. However, the poll was not accurate. A local news station was testing their website and had filler numbers in for candidates on the ballot. Kanye is not polling ahead of Biden or Trump in Kentucky. The instrumental features a trap beat with bouncy 808s and a flute melody. Kanye’s bars in the track aren’t very impressive to me. I do like the Star Wars reference when he says “Don’t jump Anikan. I got the high ground. Overall, I think that “Nah Nah Nah” is okay at best. Definitely not something that impressed me too much. Kanye has made some of my favorite music from the last decade or so, and this track does not live up to his potential. Kanye also teased a remix of “Nah Nah Nah” featuring DaBaby. Dababy sounded like he added some variety to the track from the snippet.

Jack Harlow released a new track and music video titled “Tyler Herro.” The video featuring a cameo from Tyler Herro, a shooting guard for the Miami Heat. Tyler Herro is from Milwaukee, so it is pretty cool seeing him doing so well in the NBA. The instrumental on “Tyler Herro” has a medieval sounding flute, with a trap beat. The instrumental sounds like someone took a sample from Runescape and made it into a trap beat. It’s pretty laidback. Jack Harlow does his thing on vocals. He’s known for witty bars, and at times fast-rapping. I think it’s a decent track. Nothing too spectacular, but certainty nothing to sneeze at.

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  • Bradley,
    I haven’t heard Kanye’s new song, but I’ve heard about Jack Harlow’s song about Tyler Herro. I know Tyler Herro has been into Hip Hop since I started following him in high school, so it’s really cool for him to get a song named after him after his impressive performance in the NBA playoffs. Also, I think Herro met Jack Harlow in Kentucky when Herro played for Kentucky, so that connection is awesome too!

  • Hi Bradley,

    I like this idea for a blog, I think it’s very unique and I haven’t seen any other one like it so far. I like that you share new music and news about different hip-hop music stars because, while I do like their music, I do not really pay attention to what is happening in their lives. Now I know that I can come here for any new information on them!

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