Lil Baby – “Errbody” & “On Me” Review

Lil Baby – “Errbody” & “On Me” Review

Lil Baby released two singles today titled “Errbody” and “On me.” Lil Baby is an Atlanta rapper that burst onto the scene after being featured on Drake’s “Yes Indeed” in 2018. Lil Baby was not a one hit wonder. He has had a lot of commercial success since being featured on Drakes track. Shortly after, he released a project with Gunna titled Drip Harder. “Drip Too Hard” because a smash hit and spent a lot of time on Billboard’s Hot 100. This year Lil Baby dropped My Turn. My Turn has had a lot of commercial success. It had nearly 200,000 first week sales, and it certified double platinum. It’s the third best-selling hip hop album of 2020. Lil Baby also landed a Grammy nomination for his single “The Bigger Picture.”

Now onto these two new Tracks. First, is “Errbody.” The track’s instrumental is a piano trap banger. It has heavy sub bass and sharp hi-hats. Lil Baby’s vocal performance is persistent and he uses a lot of triplet and eighth note flows. It definitely doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary for Lil Baby. I do think this track can get a little repetitive, and the lyrics don’t really offer much to me. It is pretty much just about flexing and how Lil Baby has had a very successful year. The beat is pretty hard, and I think it’s an okay track overall.

The other track is titled “On Me.” This track is a lot more laid back in terms of tempo, instrumental, and vocal delivery. The instrumental is similar to the other track in terms of the make-up of it. The piano, hi-hats. and bass dominate the instrumental. The theme of this track is also similar to “Errybody.” Lil Baby is flexing about his success and money. I do like the hook on this track more. I think it’s a catchier tune than the other. Overall, the track is nothing special. I think “On Me” will have more success because it’s catchier.

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