Staff or Student Employee?
Student Employee

Name, Pronouns, & Length of Employment at the UC
Name: Peyton Boelk
Pronouns: She/Her
Length of Employment: 2 Years

Position Title & Unit
Marketing Assistant – UC Graphics and Marketing

Tell us a little bit about your unit
The UC Graphics & Marketing department is comprised of a dedicated team of staff and student employees. Our primary objective is to uphold the UC image through marketing initiatives and content development for all offerings at the University Center. We handle design, video creation, and promotion for various entities, including Warhawk Alley, Roberta’s Art Gallery, UC Information Services, UC Employment, the HawkCard Office, Ticket Services, UC Building Operations, Student Activities & Involvement, and UC Live. If you can dream it, our office can make it!

What does an average day look like working for the UC? What does your position entail?
One of the aspects I admire the most about my job is how each shift is different from the last. As a marketing assistant, my responsibilities revolve around managing the UC’s Instagram page by creating weekly social media schedules, creating content, scheduling posts, and running analytics on content performance, utilizing Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and Meta Business Suite. In addition to my social media-based tasks, I also lead a group called the UC Student Marketing Committee, comprised of marketing-minded student employees where we entertain bi-weekly conversations regarding innovative marketing practices. 

What does being a UC employee mean to you?
Being a UC employee implies a commitment to excellence, bringing the best to work every day, and finding a balance between professionalism and fun. It involves fostering a positive and inclusive work environment, contributing to the vibrant university community, and taking pride in being part of an organization that plays a crucial role in the university experience.

What are some of the most memorable days/moments working for the UC?
While not a specific day, I always enjoy attending the End of Semester Celebrations with all of my fellow co-workers. The event is a great opportunity to reminisce on the trials and tribulations of the semester. It’s a moment to say goodbye to graduating and departing student employees, acknowledging their contributions, and savoring the achievements of a successful semester.

Why should students visit the UC?
Students should visit the UC because it is truly the heart of campus. From Warhawk Alley and UC Live’s entertainment to Roberta’s Art Gallery’s creativity, the UC offers a diverse portfolio of experiences. The UC is not just a building; it’s a connection point, fostering collaboration and providing essential resources to students and community members alike. Whether it’s socializing, accessing services, or immersing in cultural experiences, the UC enriches student life.

How will your position at the UC help you in your future career?
My position at the UC equips me with valuable skills in social media marketing, content creation, collaboration, and project management. This multifaceted role provides a holistic understanding of operations within a dynamic environment, preparing me for challenges in my future career. Additionally, the experience of maintaining the UC image and contributing to a positive campus atmosphere instills a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism I can take with me to a future role. These skills and qualities will undoubtedly benefit me in navigating my career post-grad with confidence and competence.

How do you balance school, work, extracurricular activities, and a social life?

Balancing school, work, extracurriculars, and a social life is without a doubt a challenging feat, but with effective time management, communication, and prioritization skills it’s achievable. I create a schedule, allocating dedicated time for each aspect, ensuring deadlines are met without sacrificing quality. Prioritizing tasks helps me focus on what’s essential, while staying organized minimizes stress. Flexibility is key, allowing me to adapt to unexpected demands and pivot as needed. I also make self-care a priority to maintain my mental and physical well-being.