1. Tell us a little bit about your department.
I work for UC Graphics and Marketing. Our department oversees all the graphics and social media accounts for the UC!

2. What are your goals for the future?
I have a lot of goals for my future! My top three are to visit every continent, publish my own book, and have my own hobby farm. I have visited six countries so far and have a lot more I would like to see! My top countries to visit as soon as we can travel internationally again are Iceland, Germany, and Australia. I recently started writing my own book and have hopes of finishing it sometime soon and then starting the publishing process. I would love to have a big enough hobby farm one day to have a couple of goats, chickens, and a few alpacas! I enjoy cooking and would also like to have enough space to have a big enough garden to grow all my favorite fruits and veggies!

3. Talk a little about your passions and what motivates you.
My biggest passions are probably travel and writing. I have always loved to write and used to fill notebooks with story ideas when I was younger. It has been a huge part of my life and I have found that writing is how I best communicate with those around me. I love traveling as well because I love learning about other cultures and the history behind each country!

4. How do you balance school, work, extracurricular activities, and social life?
Planners are my go-to when it comes to staying organized! I tend to forget things if I do not write them down, so I have made it a habit to have one planner dedicated to only classes and my personal life and another for work. My biggest issue in the past was having one planner for all, and things became way too overwhelming by doing that and I would overlook things. Since creating my two-planner system, I have been able to organize myself a lot easier.

5. Five Favorites:
Food: Pizza
Place Visited: The Great Wall of China or the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
Animal: Goat
Music Genre: Country or Pop
Season: Fall

6. How will the position you have in the UC help you in your future career?
This position in the UC is going to help me a lot with my future career. By taking this Marketing Assistant position, I am getting first-hand experience in Digital Marketing and social media management. I feel that this will look well to future employers and will make me a top candidate. The UC also has created a great platform for building leadership and teamwork skills, which is something that all employers look for in their future hires.