What does an average day look like working in the UC? What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

As the UC Marketing Coordinator, every day is completely different, but that’s what I like about my job. I supervise 10 student employees, so there is always a design or video to critique, or something to proof for social media or our blog. Some days I come to work thinking I know how my day will play out, and I end up getting involved with a bunch of other tasks I wasn’t expecting. I work with an incredibly creative team, and there are lots of ideas that get implemented on the fly, so some days we’re filming promo videos, and other days we’re handing out duct tape roses in the concourse promoting a Bachelor Viewing Party; You just never know what the day will hold. There are certain tasks that I do end up doing every week, including updating the UC’s digital signage, making any website edits that need to be done, and approving table tent reservations. I’m also on a lot of different committees, so I go to a lot of meetings throughout the week. 

What does being a UC employee mean to you?

The UC is known for being a welcoming and supportive environment, and I love that I get to work in a place that puts the students first and is always ready to jump in and help anybody who comes through our doors. I’ve worked places where I didn’t feel valued for my efforts, and I have never felt that way since working here. We are a team, and we do things like a team. 

What has been the most memorable/unusual day working in the UC?

I’ve worked for the UC almost 5 years, so there have been a lot of very unusual days, but there are a few that I can remember like they were yesterday:

• 4 years ago, when the UC was fixing the HVAC in the older part of the building (AKA where my office is located), we had to pack up the entire office, large format printer and all, and move down to the basement. That was a very weird day, and at that point I had only been working here for a year, so it was the first time I had ever had to handle something like that.

• 2 years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, my students and coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower in the middle of a department meeting, and that I will never forget. I’m usually really good at sniffing that kind of stuff out, but I honestly had no idea.

• Lastly, and more recently, when I got to photograph and meet Jesse McCartney for the welcome back concert in September 2019. I was a HUGE fan when I was in middle school, so my teenage dreams literally came true (and I was pretty excited).

What is one piece of advice you can give to current UW-W students?

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. College is the time in your life to try a bunch of different things, and really branch out. I don’t think I did enough of that when I was in school but seeing the different opportunities my student employees have taken advantage of during their time at Whitewater, I wish I could go back and do more. I would have joined more clubs, taken more classes, and taken advantage of more of the opportunities that you have as a UC student employee. I only worked for the UC my final year of college, but I didn’t take advantage of hardly any of the events and professional development opportunities that were available. I was very focused on just getting through my work and my classes as fast as possible, but I wish I would have seen the bigger picture. I also would have gone to more events on campus. I never attended any UC events as a student (ironic isn’t it?), and I really wish I would have seeing how amazing they are now.

What is an accomplishment you are most proud of?

This is going to sound incredibly cheesy, but to be honest, seeing my students succeed is what I am most proud of. Knowing that their time working for the UC impacted their journey in a positive way makes me so happy. I can’t take much credit for their success, because they always had it in them, but I like to think that I helped bring it out a little, and I hope I helped build their confidence. I don’t believe breaking people down helps make them stronger, in fact, I have never been that type of leader. I believe in constructive criticism and making sure they know that they have what it takes to succeed, and I hope my students have always felt that way when I give them feedback.

I’m also incredibly proud that UC Graphics & Marketing has the reputation that it does on campus. I’m really bad at giving myself credit for anything, but I know my leadership has contributed to that reputation, and I am very proud of that.

What is your favorite item in your office/desk? Is there a story behind it?

From my first year working for the UC, students and coworkers have noticed that the majority of my office supplies are gold (not actual gold for the record), so over time, whenever someone has bought me something it’s gold. After my first semester, my graduating students bought me gold paper clips, a gold frame with their photo in it (which is still hanging in my office), and a gold trash bin. I always tell people that it insures that nobody will steal my supplies since I would know automatically who took them. Really, my husband was just in a kick for a while buying me anything gold from Target, so that’s where the majority came from. I also was in a pineapple kick for a while so I have a few pineapple figurines on my shelves as well which makes me smile.