If you have a meal plan, you also have Dining Dollars, either in the small add-on account with a weekly meal plan or the Full or Mega Dining Dollar plan. 

Do you know all of the benefits of having Dining Dollars?

    • Dining Dollars are sales tax exempt (you save 5.5%) plus
      • Dining Dollars ALSO save you 15% at Drumlin, Drumlin Sandwich Shop (Erbert & Gerbert’s), Esker, and Prairie Street Market in Esker.
      • Dining Dollars save you 10% at all other campus dining locations.
  • You are eligible to get Dining Dollars with ANY meal plan, including MyMeals. 
  • Dining Dollars work at all 14 university dining locations at UW-W AND the Rockin’ Grill at the Rock County campus.
  • Using Dining Dollars is the fastest way to pay for food on campus, with your transaction complete in 3 seconds or less. 
  • The Dining Dollars account is already attached to your HawkCard.
  • Dining Dollar deposits can be added to your student account. There is no need for upfront payment if you need to add more during the semester, however, you can always add more Dining Dollars with cash, credit/debit card, check or even Purple Points, at any time.
  • Leftover Dining Dollars from the fall semester roll over to the spring semester. 

Dining Dollars are more than just a convenient requirement with meal plans, they save you time AND money. 

For more information about Dining Dollars, stop by the HawkCard Office, UC 250, email the office at hawkcard@uww.edu, or call 262-472-1437. Also check the office website at https://www.uww.edu/uc/hawkcard/meal-plans.