We have now reached the time of year for giving. The streets are gleaming with bright lights, the stores are decorated with garland and ribbon, with holiday music playing in the background. Families are scrambling to find last minute gifts for their loved ones. It is a very stressful time. So, rather than spending hours trying to come up with ideas for the “perfect” gift, here are a few suggestions:

While your siblings may be annoying at times, they are family. Some gifts that are great for siblings are:

  • Games (board games, card games, etc)
  • A few of their favorite snacks and items in a basket
    • You can make it themed by color or a concept
      • For example: a “Box of Sunshine” is a basket or box people make where it is full of yellow things
  • Wall Decor DIY — For example, a photo of you and your sibling(s) with a quote about siblings!
  • A poster related to one of their interests
    • Favorite movie, superhero, character, vacation destination, etc
  • New Pajamas
  • UW-Whitewater T-shirt

Sometimes we don’t appreciate our parents enough. The holiday season is a great time to give back and say “thank you” in our own ways. Depending on what your parents like/need, these should do the trick:

  • A book
  • Handwritten Appreciation Letter
  • Self-care basket
    • Mug, lotion, hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, candle, book, other things
  • “Coupon book” of redeemable favors/chores
  • Magazine subscription
  • As seen on TV gadgets like:
    • Kitchen things like fruit/veggie slicers
    • There’s a section in Walgreens and also by the check out at Walmart that has a bunch of neat things you didn’t know you needed that you suddenly feel like will change your whole life and make it way easier
  • Cookbooks
  • A plant
  • UWW T-shirt

Friends or Significant others can be one of the most difficult to shop for, in my opinion. Unless your family is paying them to spend time with you, they are choosing to be with you on their own time, and that means a lot! Show some appreciation through some of the following:

  • Photo collage
  • Your favorite book
  • Handwritten Letter
  • Self-care basket
  • Cute mug
  • A poster or T shirt of their favorite music artist, tv show, etc

Overall, this season is the time for giving. You can give through gifts, food, pictures, or even words, but at the end of the day it is the thought that counts. Be sure to thank those around you for making your year a good one. End the decade leaving people with a good impression and joyful memories. Have a great break and a happy new year!