From the history of the company to the basics of your position, it is important to do your research! By taking the time to research different aspects of a company, it will not only make you more knowledgeable about the company but will also show how much you care about your potential position.


This may seem trivial, but it is something that you want to think about ahead of time rather than the night before or day of! As much as our society is trying to get away from “judging a book by its cover”, employers still will. What your wearing can say a lot, so make sure it represent you in your best and truest light. As an extra tip, wear the company color if possible! Whether it’s your tie or shirt, it will show what you could look like in their future!


Come with materials, they are very good talking points! Using a padfolio is a great and professional way to carry around your materials. Now these “materials” can include resumes (have a couple in the case there are multiple interviewers), and examples of past work. Be a case study, graphics, or undergraduate research, examples have a lot to say.


Something that seems so easy, but can truly cause you problems the day of if you do not prepare accordingly. Start with the drive. Know what the traffic will be like the time of day, this will determine how much earlier you need to leave. Ask the employee what parking is like as well. Know whether you need to park in a lot, attempt to find street parking, or if there is a parking structure where you need to be. Always add on time for parking and driving, you would rather be early than late.


As vital as it is to know your resume and be able to answer your potential, future employer’s questions, you need to have questions of your own. Having questions prepped will show how much you care about the position and your active interest in what you may be doing. Employers love to hear and answer what your curious about!