College life can be hectic. If you live off-campus, either in Whitewater or U-Rock, commuting to campus, attending classes, studying for exams, and working doesn’t leave you much time for a social life. 

When it comes to meals, you may be telling yourself how much money you’ll save packing your own meals when you know you won’t have time to get back for something to eat. 

Then reality sets in…

You don’t have as much time as you thought to: 

  • Make a “to-go” meal or two each day. (Sleeping 15 more minutes always seems better.)
  • Shop for groceries.
  • Cook, even with an Instant Pot or slow cooker. (Hello endless, tasteless microwave meals?)
  • Clean the dishes (and will you end up cleaning your roommate’s dishes also?).

So, why spend your precious free time grocery shopping, preparing your to-go meals, or washing dishes? You could purchase a meal plan for occasional use on campus at both UW-W and UW-W @ U-Rock, and have your fill of healthy, made-from-scratch food, without needing to shop, prepare/cook, or clean up.

What is this unique meal plan? MyMeals!

What exactly is MyMeals?

It’s an optional, cost effective, meal plan for commuting students, upperclassmen, grad students, faculty, and staff at UW-Whitewater and UW-W @ U-Rock.

MyMeals are purchased in “blocks” of meals (most people start with 25, but 50 and 75 are also available for starters) that can be used at any time throughout the academic year at any on campus dining facility. When you break it down, each meal in this plan costs $7.54, and there is no sales tax for students.


  • Access to all 14 dining locations, and 21 distinct food concepts, on the two campuses, including “The Rockin’ Grill” at U-Rock.
  • Use as many meals per day as necessary. No limits on meals per day or meals per week, as long as you have enough remaining meals for your needs.
  • Add additional blocks of meals, at the same $7.54 price, if you run out.
  • Unused meals in the fall semester roll over to the spring semester.
  • MyMeals is accessed conveniently with your HawkCard.
  • MyMeals are available for purchase anytime during the fall or spring semester.
  • Keep your parking spot during lunch if you drive to campus.

Examples of savings:

  • Ike Schaffer Commons lunch
    • Chopped salad with protein, side breadstick, fountain drink = $11.55 (includes sales tax). MyMeals cost = $7.54. Savings of $4.01 (35%)
  • Drumlin/Esker Dining Hall 
    • Lunch cash price = $8.97 (includes sales tax). MyMeals cost = $7.54. Savings = $1.43 (16%)
    • Dinner cash price = $10.29 (includes sales tax). MyMeals cost = $7.54. Savings = $2.75 (27%)
  • Off-campus grilled chicken combo = $8.85 (includes sales tax).
  • Off-campus extra-large burrito and side fries = $10.32 (includes sales tax).
  • Off-campus salad with protein = $8.53 (includes sales tax).

If saving money and time (and your parking spot) while on campus is important to you, then sign up now for MyMeals for 2019-20.

How to sign up:

  • Stop at the HawkCard Office, UC 250, or go online to signup.
  • Choose one of three starting levels: 25, 50 or 75 meals.
  • The cost is added to your student account.
  • You can also add Dining Dollars when signing up for MyMeals for additional discounts on small purchases.

You know where the dining locations are on campus – use them with MyMeals when you are hungry.

What do you have to lose, besides shopping time, prepping time, and washing your dishes (and your roommate’s dishes), with MyMeals?

See the MyMeals terms and conditionson the HawkCard website for additional details. Please note that unused student MyMeals at the end of the spring semester are non-refundable.