Background Information

Sigma Sigma Sigma, also known as Tri Sigma, is a national women’s sorority. There are more than 112 collegiate chapters nationally.

Tri Sigma was founded nationally on April 20, 1898 and found locally on UW-Whitewater’s campus in 1932.



The official colors are royal purple and white. The official flower is the purple violet, the official jewel is a pearl, and the sailboat is the official symbol. The sailboat symbolizes “Ever Forward.”

The motto of Tri Sigma is “Faithful Unto Death.”



 Sigma Sigma Sigma has two philanthropies. The first philanthropy was the Tri Sigma Foundation founded in 1992. The foundation uses its funds for providing grants and scholarships to its members, play therapy       programs, and much more.

In the summer of 2016, Tri Sigma announced the March of Dimes as a national philanthropic partner.


Tri Sigma on Campus

You can typically find Tri Sigma women all over campus! They are most known for their philanthropic event, Pie a Sigma Tri. These ladies stand outside of the UC and charge people only $1 to throw a whipped cream pie in one of their faces. All of their proceeds go towards The March of Dimes.

Sigma Sigma Sigma women have many events to bond together as sisters and with other organizations on campus!

If you are interested in Tri Sigma or any other Greek Organization, be sure to look out for recruitment information on campus, or head to this link here!