You are sitting in class when your professor announces the due date for the next assignment (February 14th). Opening your binder, you find the date on the calendar and start to write in the assignment when you notice something else is already written under the date: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day? How could you have forgotten? That’s only a few days away!


Hey, don’t sweat. There is no need to panic. You may have forgotten about Valentine’s Day, but you still have time. And we have some 3 great last minute gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on that someone special’s face. Just pair them with their favorite candy and you will be all set!


A Valentine’s Day Card

This is a super simple gift that can really say a lot. You can pick up a card at your local Walgreens or dollar store that has a sweet message inside that lets your Valentine know how much you care or even make your own card for a more personal touch.


Homemade Dessert

You can never go wrong with baked goods. You could make up a batch of your Valentine’s favorite cookies or look up a Valentine’s Day recipe online. A nice dessert is a really great treat that will make Valentine’s Day extra sweet! Be sure to add heart shaped sprinkles for a finishing touch!



This a classic gift that will make your Valentine feel super special. You can find a nice bouquet of flowers at most grocery stores or find a local greenhouse. This nice thing about a bouquet of flowers is that you have so many options. You could go with a dozen romantic red roses or find a bouquet with a bunch of their favorite colors! Your valentine will love having them on display to show off how thoughtful you are.

Hopefully these ideas helped you to find some inspiration to find the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift. Don’t worry about not having the time to put together a super huge gift or gesture. Sometimes it is the simplest gifts that truly mean the most.


Happy Valentine’s Day!