Summer is finally here! The warm weather and sun do not last forever and for many of us, we want to enjoy every moment of it. Going on trips can be fun, but also expensive. You also don’t want to do the same typical trips year after year. That is why, I looked for some places you may or may not have heard of to visit! After doing a lot of research, I have complied a list of some great places for either a weekend trip or an extended vacation! What is great about all of these destinations is that they are all in the Midwest, so you don’t have to worry about airfare!

Small Town Charm: Galena, IL

Photo by Jasperdo

With historical sites, lots of shopping, and bed and breakfasts to stay at, who wouldn’t want to check out Galena? Located right outside of the Mississippi River, Galena has plenty to offer for tourists. You can visit the Belvedere Mansion, visit Thunderbay Falls, or even grab something sweet from Galena’s Kandy Kitchen.

Camping: Devil’s Lake State Park, Baraboo, WI

Photo by Len Hardy

Feel like “roughing it?” Head on over to Devil’s Lake State Park! It’s perfect for the typical outdoors lover. To pitch a tent and stay overnight it is only $20 per night or $140 for the week! With so many outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, biking, scuba diving, and rock climbing, you will never be bored!

Feel like you are in another country: Charlevoix, MI

Photo by Alexander Day

Want to feel like you’re in Europe without having to pay that much money? Then Charlevoix, Michigan is the place for you! Head over to Castle Farms and get the feel of a French castle built in 1918 and get either a guided tour or explore the castle yourself. Besides the castle, Charlevoix also has beautiful beaches, lighthouses, and a cute downtown area with shopping. There are many bed and breakfasts to stay at or even a hotel nearby.

Cheap Cabins: Plymouth Rock Camping Resort, Plymouth, WI

Photo by Jim Bauer

Camping can be fun, until you have to put the tent up. At Plymouth Rock Camping Resort, you can rent a cabin for as little as $108 per night. The resort itself is right outside of Elkhart lake and has plenty of amenities. Some of the many fun things you can do there include a clubhouse with an arcade, mini golf, water-sport rentals, outdoor movie nights, bands and DJs, a pool, and an on-site restaurant.

Caribbean Escape: Lake Torch, MI

Photo by Drew Shaffer

Lake Torch is almost like visiting Aruba without the hassle of flying! There is beautiful clear water perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, or heading out on a boat for the day. Need somewhere to stay? Lake Torch has plenty of resorts and cabins to stay in as low as $108 per night! Besides the water-sport fun there is also shopping, golfing, biking, and even horseback riding!

Whether it’s hiking, swimming, or shopping there is a place for anyone to travel and guaranteed to have some fun! Do you know of any fun and affordable places to travel to? Let us know in the comments!