It can be tough to find a prime study spot when finals week starts to approach us all. The campus is always full of students in different buildings trying to find the most peaceful and quiet area to help them study the best. Some students choose the option to study from home, but that can be very challenging sometimes. It’s not that easy to focus on course material when you hear your roommates playing Fortnite and they are constantly yelling, “I got him!” or “We got a group coming from 30 degrees North!”. From my personal experience, these are the best places to study on UW-Whitewater’s campus:


  1. Upstairs in the Anderson Library


I put this as my number one on the list because I believe that this is by far the best place to study! I’m not trying to rip on the main level of the Anderson Library, but it’s just never been a place I’ve gone to study for an important exam. There’s too many groups working together which obviously involves verbal communication, and people are constantly asking the front desk questions. For me that can be a bit distracting, which is why I love to study upstairs in the Anderson Library. If you are humming a song from one end of the upper floor, someone will be able to hear you from the opposite end. That’s how quiet it is! For people that love to study in silence to help their minds work, this is the place to go!


  1. Main Level in Laurentide Hall


I feel like most students never visit Laurentide Hall because they figure that it’s just a building for teachers, and because it’s not in the middle of campus like Hyland Hall or the University Center. The first time I went in Laurentide Hall to speak with one of my professors, I could not believe how silent the main level was. I immediately thought to myself that this would be a perfect place to study for my final exams. Every single time I have studied in Laurentide Hall has been wonderful. I highly recommend this area for study time!


  1. McGraw General Access Lab (Room 19)


From past experience, I have also never had a problem when studying in the McGraw General Access Lab. Maybe it’s because I get lucky sometimes, but I’m usually one of the only people in there whenever I have to study for an exam or work on a project. That sounds crazy to believe since the McGraw General Access Lab has 10 Macs, and over 120 PCs! I know that students tend to visit the Anderson General Access Lab when they have a lot of work to do, but the one in McGraw Hall is great! Especially if you need access to a Mac computer or a PC, this might be the best place to go study for most students.


Most of you might already have a good study spot, but if you are having trouble finding one, I would take my advice. Distractions are so annoying when you are trying to focus on learning different subjects from your classes. It is important that you are in an area that suits you well. Bottom line is this: If the upstairs in Anderson Library doesn’t suit you, try Laurentide Hall. If Laurentide Hall doesn’t suit you, try the McGraw General Access Lab. If the McGraw General Access Lab doesn’t suit you, tell your roommates to shut up.