Caffeine is a necessity in college! Many college students (myself included) tend to drink multiple cups of coffee throughout the day. Whether it be a cup to start your day, or a mid-day roast to keep you going, caffeine is essential!


With coffee being something that is consumed on the regular, it is important to make sure that you are enjoying it, while avoiding the extra calories that can come with it. There are many easy ways to reduce the amount of calories in your drink without cutting the caffeine.


  1. Instead of using cream, try adding in a low-calorie substitute. Fat-free milk, soy milk, and almond milk are all good options.
  2. Skip the sugar or artificial sweeteners. Instead of pouring all that sugar in your coffee, try using cinnamon, raw honey, or a plant based sweetener, like Stevia. All of these (in moderation) are better for you than sugar and artificial sweeteners are.
  3. Try coffee alternatives. There are plenty of teas that you can get at any coffee shop that will deliver the same amount of caffeine that a cup of joe would. Black teas and green teas have a slightly lower caffeine level (about 15mg less) than a cup of coffee does, but tea is a low-calorie option that is already sweet. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about adding in a bunch of flavor.
  4. Always opt for sugar free or light items when the option is given. This is an easy way to reduce the amount of calories in your drink.


Hopefully these tips will be helpful when it comes time to enjoy that next coffee, and always remember to start your day with a smile and a coffee!