College can be the most exciting and fun times of your life… until you’re taking quarters out of your laundry funds to pay for your Qdoba.  However, there are many ways to save some extra coin throughout your college career.

1. Spotify Premium – Hulu

pexels-photo-265685In case you weren’t already aware of this great deal, when you purchase Spotify Premium Student, which is only $5 to begin with, you now get a free Hulu subscription to go along with it.  If you’re feeling rebellious, this could mean the end of your relationship with your Netflix subscription to save even more $$$.

2. Try to go out to eat less often

As tempting as it is to go to Qdoba or Cozumel for every meal of everyday, eating out is a big bank account drainer.  If you have a meal plan, it’s in your best interest to use it as much as you can because you either use it or lose it.  Dining Dollars and MyMeals run into the next semester, however once meal swipes are gone they’re gone.

3. Utilize your student IDpexels-photo-257385

DON’T forget to bring your ID with you everywhere you go to schmooze as many student discounts as you can!  Many places offer some type of discounts to students, such as nail salons, movie theaters, retail stores, and some restaurants (when you do decide to splurge and go out to eat).

4. On-Campus Jobs

Another way to save a little extra money is to earn it!  Working on campus is a great place to work while you’re in school.  It’s super close and convenient, you don’t have to worry about any type of commute.  As a campus employee myself, 10/10 recommend it!  You can find all available open positions online at HawkJobs!

Hopefully these few tips can help you comfortably afford a Frappucino next time you’re going through Hyland.  Small savings can go a long way after a while! Keep calm and penny pinch on!