‘Tis the season of thanking. Thanking your parents for all that they do for you. Thanking your friends for keeping you on your toes throughout the semester. Thanking your professors for being lenient during the holidays. Being thankful feels great, doesn’t it? But holidays shouldn’t be the only time you are feeling thankful. Here are ways to keep a positive spirit and be thankful all year long.

First thing’s first. Start off your day with a list of things you are grateful for. For example, I start off with “I’m thankful for a roof over my head” or “I’m thankful I had enough time to finish my homework last night”. Reflecting on the simple things to be thankful for is a good way to count your blessings. Even after, you could continuously say “Thank you” throughout your day!

Sharing is caring. In times of being reflective, tell people how you really feel. Share your gratitude with others. Tell your friends, classmates, even professors of the things you have been grateful for. It is also nice to hear the positive feedback. Even if it is not something they physically did for you, it could be something they said or did to inspire you or contribute to your thoughts. Let them know how much you appreciate the little or big things!

They often say that the best part of thanksgiving is the giving. So help yourself by helping others. Giving up your time to give back to the community through volunteer work is a rewarding way to feel thankful. There are always opportunities to volunteer! The holidays are filled with times of helping others. Why not keep this cheerful spirit all year long by volunteering and consistently helping others?

These are only a few ways of how to stay thankful all year long. However, there are many other ways as well. Don’t let this holiday spirit fade! Stay on your toes, positive vibes only *insert peace sign emoji*