Admit it! We’ve all had that point in time where we accidentally fell asleep in an important place. You somehow didn’t get enough sleep the night before because of homework, work, or some kid banging on people’s doors late at night. Whether it’s school, church, or a meeting, you’ve probably failed at trying to stay awake. On top of that, you’ve probably seen some of your friends fall asleep in class and thought it was funny so you take a picture or put it on Snapchat! That’s not a good thing to do but I know it’s funny. Well, I’m here to tell you how to stay focused in class when you’re tired.

  1. Hit The Gym: If you have time before your class, try to hit the gym. Working out can really help wake you up for a long day of classes. This can also boost your overall mood for that particular day in which you feel tired.
  2. The Use of Pressure Points: I know this may sound weird considering the stereotype of pressure is to make a person pass out, but that’s not true. Rubbing your pressure points in a circular motion can actually help you stay focused inside an important meeting or class. Your temple pressure point especially can help some of that fatigue go away in a matter of a few rubs. Use this and it will help you to get more engaged as well.
  3. Amino Energy and Caffeine: Yes, amino acids are basic building blocks of protein. If you’re feeling fatigued and can’t make it to the gym, don’t worry about it. In the morning before you start your day, take a quick scoop of amino energy and drink it throughout the day. You can also use the old caffeine integrated drinks which works well too. You can find out more about amino energy by clicking here.
  4. Snacks: Who cares if someone hears you snacking away on those Doritos that happen to be the best bag of Doritos you have ever eaten, right? Just joking! Eating healthy snacks in a specific place can help you stay focused. Getting a decent amount of vitamins, carbs, and protein in snacks can boost your focus and help you let go of some of that fatigue. So when in doubt, eat snacks!

We have all been at the point where we are running on fumes. We have all been seriously fatigued. On the other hand, there are ways to help you overcome the “fatigue hill” and help you to the top. I hope these tips helped. Go Warhawks!