I think winter weather has got to be one of the most frustrating things about going to college. If you’re like me, you think that walking in the bitter cold and wind chills below freezing tends to get pretty old after awhile. Don’t get me wrong, cold weather and snow is nice and all around Christmas time, but when walking to class, it is your absolute worst enemy. If you live off campus like I do, you also probably hate winter because winter temperatures mean that heat needs to go on, and once the heat goes on the energy bills go up.

Now that I’m a junior, I’d like to think that I have this whole college thing figured out (I still probably don’t but that’s okay). Over the past two and a half years I have developed several ideas/tips in order to help you and myself survive the awful winter weather.

Walking to Class:

wear a hat and gloves (you aren’t too cool for them)

buy some hand warmers (they stay warm for hours and aren’t expensive)

invest in some good, durable water proof winter boots (make sure they have grip so you aren’t falling all over on the ice)

invest in a warm, long winter coat

walk fast (the sooner you get to class and the less time outside, the better)

While You’re Home:

invest in a space heater (they can be expensive but they do wonders for warming up a room)

wear fuzzy socks (not lying, I have 14 pairs)

wear lots of layers

drink hot chocolate, tea or coffee (it’ll help keep you warm)

invest in a heated blanket (they’re totally worth it)

make sure you’re shoveling in order to avoid city fines

salt sidewalks and driveways to avoid ice (the last thing you need is your roommate falling and breaking their arm)

put plastic over the windows to keep the cold out and the heat in (these awesome kits can be purchased at Walmart or a local hardware store)

turn down the thermostat for when you’re not home in order to save money on heating/ electric bills (there’s no point in heating an empty house)

For Your Car:

make sure you have a scraper and brush handy in order to deal with snow and ice

keep blankets, a hat and gloves in your car (in case you would be stuck on the side of the road)

have a flash light in your car (it gets darker out sooner now)

start it regularly

try to keep the gas tank relatively full

I sincerely hope that this winter survival guide will make your life just a little bit easier and much much warmer this winter. Feel free to comment below your thoughts on these tips and also please share some tips of your own! The more ways we have to deal with the winter and cold, the better! Stay warm, Warhawks, and enjoy your last few weeks of the semester and semester break!