I think its safe to say that all of us have had some pretty rough classes throughout our college careers. Whether you’re a freshman or fifth year senior, there are classes that you might be taking right now that literally seem impossible. Trust me, I’ve been there. But today I’m here to tell you that you WILL get through it. It might not be easy but seriously the semester has to end eventually, and once that semester is over you can say goodbye to that awful class. Keep in mind, however, you can only say goodbye to this class if you receive a passing grade. So I’m here today to try to give you a few tips in order to pass that dreaded class and happily move on with your life.

First of all, PAY ATTENTION. Get off your phone and listen to what your professor has to say. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your friends can wait an hour and 15 minutes to hear from you. It’ll be okay. No, your professor may not be interesting and no you may not have a clue in the world what they are saying but you’ve got to try to pay attention. Ignoring what your professor has to say and tuning them out is basically setting yourself up for failure. Keep in mind, in order to pay attention you have to go to class in the first place.

Second, find someone in the class (preferably someone that knows what’s going on) and become their best friend. Ask them to study together or ask them for notes you’ve missed or to clarify notes you may not understand. Hopefully they’ll be nice and help you out. If not, don’t give up, there’s other options for you.

Third, go to your professor. I do not care how scary they are or how embarrassed you might be approaching them. They are there to help you! It may seem like they are destined to see you fail, but trust me, they want you to pass just as much as you do. No, they aren’t going to give you an A or endless amounts of extra credit just because you approached them. They may, however, help clarify hard to understand concepts, give you practice problems or even some helpful study tips.

Fourth, check out the Academic Support Center/ Tutoring Center located in McCutchan Hall. Tutoring services are completely free and cover a wide variety of classes. I’m here to help you out, so I’m even going to post the link for you to be able to find out more information and see if they offer assistance for your hardest class this semester. http://www.uww.edu/acadsupport/tutorial/

I hope someone out there will find these tips helpful sometime in their college career. I know classes can seem impossible and never ending because I’ve taken those types of classes. No, they weren’t easy but I used the tips I gave you above to get through them. Good luck and keep your head up! Have a great rest of your semester Warhawks!