UC Graphics & Marketing, Fall 2014

Dear New UC Employees,

I have only a few words to share, and it will be just a few words because when you love the work you’re doing and the people you’re with this much, there are very few words that adequately express what you’d like to say. I guess I’d like to begin by saying welcome! You may not know it yet, but you just joined a wonderful, albeit slightly eccentric, family of UC students and staff.

At first glance, the UC might appear like most other “traditional” college jobs. While in some ways this is true, there’s so much more to working in the UC. Each day is a learning experience, and during my time here, I’ve had many opportunities to hone my skills before graduation:

  • I learned to work on tight deadlines and still produce quality work.


    UC Set Up Crew, Fall 2014

  • I learned to be a strong writer and an even better editor.
  • I learned how to spell accommodations. (It only took four years.)
  • I learned that the vast majority of the time, some aspect at any job you have will likely be a little bit messy. No institution, organization, company or person is perfect-including you, and change is incredibly hard. At some point before you were around, someone made a mistake. I know I did. At some point while you’re here, you’ll probably make a mistake too. Your success in any given endeavor is not determined by the ¬†mistakes you make, but how you respond to them.

You’ve probably heard me say that I love my job. Well, it’s true; I do. I love coming to work every day at a place with so much creative energy and spirit that it practically bubbles out the office door. Most days I couldn’t wait to get to work because the work I was doing and the people I was with meant so much to me.¬†However, there were also challenging days: days when I didn’t get enough sleep, when things didn’t go as planned, and I wasn’t sure how what I was doing now was going to apply to my future.

Here’s the secret, friends: you get out of a UC job however much you’re willing to put it. Some of you might be looking for just a paycheck to fill the cracks in your budget, but your position in the UC can be so much more than that.



Warhawk Alley, Fall 2014

I’m not quite sure how the past four years have gone by so quickly, but I do know working at the UC has made me a better a marketer, teacher, coworker, and person. As I head off to the next chapter of my life, all I can think about is how lucky I am to have known so many individuals who are so difficult to say goodbye to. I will never forget my experiences and lessons learned in the UC; I have made connections and memories that will last a lifetime.

Best of luck–not that you need it!