ATTENTION FOLLOW STUDENTS: It’s finally time for spring break! The week we have long been waiting for.

For some of you lucky kids that means beaches, vacations and adventure and your spring break probably looks something like this…

For others of you, myself included, your spring break means relaxing, sleeping, and Netflix and looks a little more like this…


Who doesn’t love binge watching episode after episode on Netflix? But what happens when a season ends? It seems like we’re always looking for that perfect show to start watching on Netflix. Well, I’m going to try to help. I’ve talked to friends and family and have done some research on the Internet and here’s what I’ve come up with. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or if you agree/disagree. Keep in mind these are just suggestions, don’t take anything too seriously 😉

You thrive off of medical drama and are willing to make the never ending seasons commitment? Grey’s Anatomy

You love the 23 minute episodes and are looking for comic relief and some real world advice? How I Met Your Mother or Friends

You get addicted to teenage girl shows and don’t mind waiting a couple seasons to solve a single mystery? Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl

You want to get on the Netflix bandwagon and keep up with what everyone is talking about? Orange is the New Black

You love politics/political drama and don’t mind longer episodes? House of Cards or Scandal

You wish chemistry was your thing and love suspense? Breaking Bad

You need a good laugh and love TV sitcoms? Parks and Recreation or 30 Rock

You love stupid “guy” humor and those episodes that seem to fly by? Archer or The League 

You want to relive your glory days of high school and love football? Friday Night Lights

You are prepared to get emotionally invested into people’s lives for countless seasons? One Tree Hill

You want to be unable to take your eyes off of the TV for 4 intense seasons? Prison Break

You don’t mind a little gore and want to be prepared for the pending Apocalypse? The Walking Dead

You want to watch a show that is extremely intriguing and also somewhat disturbing? American Horror Story 

I hope this helped some of you out. Happy binging!

*Images courtesy of Google Safe Search