Ahh yes, the glorious time-waster we call Pinterest.  Some may even consider it an addiction.  It’s a great tool for organizing and saving great ideas so that you can come back to them later and carry them out.  Except, let’s be honest, we rarely ever go back and actually do what we pinned.

I took a day over the weekend to make a few of my Pinterest dreams come true! I picked a few of my favorites, which was not an easy task considering how many pins I have.  The following is a list of my creations.


I was beyond excited to actually be doing this.  It’s a cool way to recycle an old, outdated sweater. You can find instructions here.  I rummaged through our pile of old clothes at home, and I got lucky! I found me a gem of an old sweater (it had shoulder pads… eek!).  I traced out my hand, pinned the pieces together, cut them out, and sewed them up, aaand… SUCCESS! Cute little cozy mittens.   However, I definitely think I need some practice with the sewing machine.


2. Braided Scarf, because hey, I already had the sewing machine out. 

This is a pin that I kept seeing over and over, and I absolutely love it! Basically, I took two tubes of fabric, did a funky braid, and sewed up the ends!  This be a perfect addition to my already-too-large scarf collection!  Check it out the detailed instructions here.


Viola! I would have modeled it for you, but it didn’t match my outfit!

3.  Pin Art

This was one of those projects where you think it’s gonna be so much fun and it will turn out so great, and then it’s the complete opposite.  I never even finished mine.  I bought two boxes of pins, thinking that it would be enough to finish, but I wasn’t even able to get the first word done! I started out doing the project how it was supposed to look. Basically, you’re supposed to outline the letters, or shape, and fill the board with pins so that your letters are black (like this).  I got about this far before I got frustrated and gave up:

Pin Art, Attempt 1

After realizing how awful and tedious this project was going to be, I pulled out all the pins and started over.  I decided to put the pins where the letters are, and that became just as awful as the first attempt. I went through a whole box of pins, and only got 3 letters done.

Pin Art, Attempt 2

I went ahead and used some magic photo editing skills to fix it.  I’ll save the rest for a rainy day!

Setting aside a day to tackle a few projects was the perfect way to give my brain a break from the stress of college.  I challenge you to take a break from the study grind and plan yourself a Pinterest day! Go through your boards and pick a few pins, invite some friends over, and get to work!  Well, hopefully it’s not work, it should be fun!

Roberta’s Art Gallery hosts a workshop every month, and they’re kind of like mini Pinterest days! Most of the workshops we put together for you are ideas that we have on our Pinterest boards.  For the complete workshop schedule, head on over to the Roberta’s Art Gallery website, or email ucart@uww.edu to be put on our workshop mailing list!