By Laura Schoenike • @lauras2011


Tissues: As much as we all try to deny it, at some point it’s going to happen: you’re going to get sick, and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of class with a runny nose and no tissues when you’re already not feeling 100%.

First-Aid Kit: See above. As much as you try to deny it, it’s going to happen. In fact, I like to believe that my freshmen year taught me precisely how accident-prone I am.

Business Attire (Grown-Up Clothes): Nope, your least-faded t-shirt and jeans without holes in them don’t count. You never know what job or internship opportunity may present itself, and roaming through the halls of your res. hall trying to piece together an outfit by borrowing isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds.

Umbrella: Don’t worry, you can thank me on the first Monday that it’s pouring rain and you have a 7:45 am class. And nope, classes don’t get cancelled because of a little extra moisture in the air.

Earplugs: As much fun as the community living of res halls can be, at some you’re going to want to quiet things down to hit the books (or at least your bed!) However, keep in mind that not everyone may have the same schedule as you, and while you’re working on homework at 1:00 pm, that might be someone else’s morning jam session, the kids’ across the hall Breaking Bad marathon, or a snorer’s naptime. Your solution? Earplugs.


So there you have it new Warhawks: five things that I definitely forgot my freshman year so now you don’t have to. Plus, here’s a bonus for you: one thing I didn’t forget, but also definitely didn’t need:

Quarters: Seriously, everyone and their brother told me to bring quarters to college for washing machines, driers, vending machines, etc. What they didn’t tell me was that Whitewater has this super convenient thing called Purple Points that you can put right on your HawkCard, and that’s how you operate all of those former quarter-eating machines. Nifty, huh? Learn more at