Each semester, the James R. Connor University Center is proud to recognize its employees who are moving on to their experiences after college. As a testament of their dedication and contributions, we asked them to each share how working in the UC has helped them develop in both a personal and professional manner.

 “Working at the UC has given me a great sense of responsibility. Knowing that the building is in your hands is a very rewarding experience.”
-James Brady, Building Manager

“The UC has taught me the intricacies of working with a wide range of people that have come from various backgrounds.”
-Justin Cunningham, Tech Crew

“Working in the UC was on of the best experiences I’ve had during my time at UW-Whitewater. I learned a great deal and met so many wonderful people; I will cherish my memories of the UC for years to come.”
-Hannah Hein, Videographer

“First and foremost, I love the wonderful group we work. The relationships I made here are ones that really made my college career.”
-Ella Hopkins, Roberta’s Art Gallery Student Manager

“Working in the UC has allowed me to pursue my passion as a graphic designer and develop lifelong skills.”
-Dillon Nelson, Graphic Artist

What I have enjoyed most about working for the UC is the friendly atmosphere. No matter where you look you will find a UC employee with a cheerful demeanor. Wether it’s the beginning of a semester or during finals weeks; UC employees always make anyone feel welcome. I never feel like I’m in the wrong place nor do I ever feel like an unneeded employee. A main part of my job is when things go wrong to be the one to fix it. In my experience this can be a very stressful job as the people who expirence  issues with their equipment tend to not be very happy that something isn’t working as intended and then must deal with the troubleshooting and repairing process. However at the UC both students and staff are always very pleasant to me when I am called in to fix something. Just something so simple as people thanking for me working hard on a problem can make my day and it goes without saying that my time working at the UC has been very enjoyable and I will never forgot it.
-James Underwood, Desktop Assistant

“The past year of being a UC employee has been one of the highlights of my college career. I was able to meet new people and build friendships with my staff. I had the opportunity to become a Student Manager. Even though it was stressful I really learned a lot about myself and learned how to not be afraid to take on new responsibilities and challenges.”
-LaShauna Wint, Information Services Student Manager

“Through this semester, I learned much in Tech Crew. This job is not only about tech support for every event that happens in the UC, but also about a sense of accomplishment during work. I had that feeling the very first time I was working the movies along. It was a sold-out show, 245 people were sitting there and waiting. I finally hit the buttons and heard people laughing constantly during the movie. It was the moment that I had teh feeling that I am an unsung hero. Then I found out that bringing this attitude to work actually makes me feel the better whether the task is as simple as movies or as sophisticated as live concert show. For me, customer service is not just about serving the customer, it also means a lot to me.”
-Sid Zhang, Tech Crew