TikTok Dancing Trends

TikTok Dancing Trends

TikTok became the most known app in 2020 once the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It was a new video platform based solely on videos.

TikTok dance trends were one of the only things that got people through the tough time of uncertainty. It was fun, different, and a way for people to connect when they couldn’t leave their house.

Some of the best TikTok dances came from random people who just wanted to be creative and use the outlet to express themselves. And to their advantage, those dances went viral and it even caused them to become famous. Addison Rae and the D’amelio sisters appeared to be “normal” people who just downloaded TikTok like everyone else. Then, they became viral and now they have over a million followers and have their own TV shows on Hulu. TikTok dancing trends have changed people’s lives forever.

Here are some of the most famous dance trends over the last two years:

  • Savage (Megan Thee Stallion)
  • Oui
  • Savage Love (Jason Derulo
  • Linda and Heather Theme Song
  • I wanna getcha home
  • Paytiiii

Overall, TikTok dances have encompassed society. Music has even been affected by these dance trends. Artists have been able to release music on TikTok and actually go viral and lead to them being on the radio. If the dance that people are doing with it can help it, it can make someone famous. TikTok dances are slowly taking over social media and slowly taking over even the bar and club scene. This will change how society even views music.

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6 thoughts on “TikTok Dancing Trends”

  • The first time I ever really heard about TikTok was when the dances were the main content that was being created through them. While I never was very interested in this genre, I do think it is a very interesting way for TikTok to get picked up. Now it’s a good mix of what’s all provided on the app, but people are always making new dances. While I’ve never tried one out, they do always look very fun!

  • TikTok definitely changed the world when Covid-19 hit since the app is really what held society together at the time for younger audiences. The dance trends were a fun way to get everyone’s mind off of the seriousness of Covid-19 while also being able to socialize safely. I think you bring up a great point about artists being able to release their music onto TikTok to become viral from their songs. This promotes artists that are just starting out, which is nice since it can give them a platform they didn’t have before.

  • When I first downloaded TikTok in 2020, all I remember were people dancing on TikTok to these specific songs such as Savage Love and Savage. These influencers such as Addison Rae and the D’amelio sisters were the ones that put TikTok on the map and broadened its market like none other. I can say these dances are very catchy and many people use this trends as a way to be a part of society which is awesome to think about. Dance and Music go hand in hand and with this app, they were able to create an experience with the combination of those two facets.

  • I love this post because it took me back to beginning to middle of lockdown when there were soooooo many viral tick Tok dances that literally everyone was doing, It was literally helping us get through the lockdown and was one of the only fun things we could do at the time!

  • Im not going to lie, I love tiktok. One thing I don’t really get into is making them or dance trends. I find myself using tiktok to find funny videos that I can send to my friends. I would love to hear what your tiktok explore page is filled with.

  • When I first downloaded Tik Tok a lot of the timeline was mostly dancing Tik Toks. The algorithm works really well though because I don’t get many of the dance trends on my fyp, but I do get a lot of artists trying to get people to listen to their music. It’s actually really cool that we live in a time where talented singers can be found on an app and see them grow as more people find their music as well.

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