Targeting Key Demographics for TikTok

Targeting Key Demographics for TikTok

Tiktok has a new and interesting algorithm compared to other social media platforms. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that Mark Zuckerberg handles have a certain algorithm that creates challenges for him. People tend to assume that Zuckerberg takes your personal information when you download Meta platforms. People tend to use Instagram more than other platforms but it doesn’t mean that people are happy about the possibility of Zuckerberg using their private information for other uses. Additionally, Instagram and the other platforms have a key demographic of females and it is targeted towards females the most. However, in my opinion, TikTok takes into account anyone and everyone who downloads the app.

TikTok is geared toward the individual’s likes and dislikes. It can be said that TikTok has the most captive audience because of how the For You Page (FYP) shows videos that make you want to keep going. The algorithm is so captive and engaging that Instagram decided to produce reels because of it. Now, influencers on TikTok can take their videos from TikTok and post them on Instagram to grow their audiences.

TikTok key demographics and my impression of their interests and what could be on their FYP:

  • Amazon clothing
  • Shopping trends
  • Day in the life
  • Photo dump
  • Dances
  • Pop culture
  • Sunday Reset
  • Cleaning hacks and videos
  • Funny memes

All of these trends can impact a person’s interests and ideas about how they want their social media to be. My roommates and I all have different FYPs and we live in the same apartment. The algorithm that TikTok encaptures is so different from other platforms that it makes people want to keep scrolling.

TikTok targets a key demographic that is different for each person that downloads it. This is different from other social media which makes the appeal of TikTok very unique.

4 thoughts on “Targeting Key Demographics for TikTok”

  • Hey Melina, great post! I personally think that Instagram has completely ruined the edge they once had. It used to be a platform where people engaged and growth was possible, now it’s a platform that forces you to pay for engagement. Tik Tok has figured out a way for people to organically grow and find an audience that values their content through the FYP.

  • TikTok generates an algorithm that bases interests destined for each person. It’s interesting how Instagram has copied this algorithm with the creation of reels. It utilizes demographics and impressions to create an experience designed for those interests through analytics and speculation. TikTok understands trends and utilizes data to help viewers maintain the best quality experience.

  • Social media is so mind-boggling to me. It is so interesting that one app can be tailored to you and you only. Yes, your friends might be seeing some of the same tiktoks that you see, but most of the content your receiving is different. I think it is so interesting to see the amount of tiktoks people create for others to see, that others may never see. It is all based on what you like and your interests. Great post!

  • I liked this post since it relates to class materials we’ve been covering throughout the semester. I agree that Tik Tok has an advantage over other social media platforms with their for you page since it is addicting for many people. I actually had to delete the app because I was spending way too much time scrolling since the FYP sucked me in with content that related to my interests. When people say social media is addicting they’re not lying. This gives the platform so much power over its users.

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