Why Generation Z Could be Gen TikTok

Does anyone know who decides how each generation is named? Generation Z has taken over the Internet and specifically TikTok regarding social media. Social media has impacted how the generation will be and how society acts. Everyone can interact with anyone and businesses can target select audiences who would buy their products.

TikTok influencers like Charli D’mallio, Addison Rae, and Noah Beck are all Generation Z and have started trends that have impacted society. Whether it is fashion trends, makeup trends, dancing trends, or anything else, it started from these huge influencers that trickled down to viewers who wanted to be like that. Society relies on influencers to start trends that they can copy and use in their daily lives.

Baby Boomers are known for their old-fashioned ways, the wars that they were around for, and what they used to do for fun before dinner time. Generation X and Y are known for their music tastes, trendy fashion choices (at the time), and how they didn’t rent apartments, they became parents and bought a house. However, Generation Z is known for their social media trends and how they’ve utilized TikTok. It is such a different way of looking at a generation and it will be known as the social media generation for years to come.

Generation Z will be known as Generation TikTok or Generation Social Media because of the huge impact that it has on our society. I think that this generation has the power to change what the future generations will be and how we act as a society.

5 thoughts on “Why Generation Z Could be Gen TikTok”

  • I find it kind of scary how much younger and younger the social media demographics are getting. I wasn’t given a smartphone until I was 13 and even now it seems kids are getting them at 8 or 9 which is just crazy! I wonder what sort of implications this will bring to our future.

    Good post!

  • I coach kids ages 11-16 and it is crazy to me how old some of them act. Kids are exposed to different forms of fashion, trends, and other popular things at a higher rate than they used to be. I remember being a nieve12-year old that loved bright colors and Justice clothes and now all the kids love Lulu Lemon and Brandy Melville. The kids act older, dress older, and are often perceived as older. Social media has definitely changed the way kids are. Great post!

  • I think this is a really interesting thought that Gen Z can be connected as “Gen TikTok” since so many people in the Gen Z category relate to TikTok so much. Influencers like Charlie D’Mallio and Addison Rae have so much power to influence the community within Gen Z so it wouldn’t be crazy to call this generation “Gen TikTok.”

  • This is an interesting dive into what makes each generation unique. I think that you are right that this generation will have a nickname related to social media because social media has completely changed from what it started out as and I think that is because of this generation. It’s really interesting to hear about what each generation is known for and their views and how they have all influenced some aspect of culture.

  • This was so interesting on many levels. I had never thought about how we name ourselves Gen Z and how that name could change into something social media related. We are so heavily reliant on social media that we don’t even consider the impact it has on our society. TikTok has changed this generation for modern day societal functions along with business success. It’s important to utilize social media within everyday business and that trend will increase as time goes on.

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