Postseason baseball is back

The playoff push is officially a go

No. 1 seeded in the National League the San Francisco Giants

After a season with stadium-less fans, weird rule changes and neutral sites the playoffs are back.

There are some familiar faces this year back in the playoffs for 2021. The playoffs are played in a bracket format dependent on the end of the regular season standings.

The two wild card games were played already and they were nothing short of great games. The New York Yankees played the Boston Red Sox and lost 6-2. Last night, the Los Angeles Dodgers played the St. Louis Cardinals and walked it off in the ninth inning securing their spot in the next round.

The National League and the American League divisional games kick off Thursday afternoon with the three seeded Chicago White Sox facing the two seeded Houston Astros. With the division series games they each play a best-of-5 series while the championship series and world series are played best-of-7.

2021 Playoff picture

It should come as no surprise that the state of California should have one of the most exciting matchups.

In Whitewater we mostly have Cubs, Sox and Brewers fans. There is no doubt that the dorms will get rowdy when those games are on.

The Brewers start their series against the Atlanta Braves Friday, Oct. 8 at 4:37 p.m.

The White Sox play their second game against the Astros on Friday as well. at 2:07 p.m.

Who do you got? Comment below!

The Milwaukee Brewers after they clinch their spot in the post season

2 thoughts on “Postseason baseball is back”

  • I honestly am not a big sports fan but it is not to see how much detail and thought can go into these games. A lot of people assume it’s people just playing a game but it’s nice to see the strategy and thought process of sports games. Good work!

  • I got the Braves taking home the trophy! I just think there’s too much momentum going in their favor and they can be unbelievably clutch. Your blog setup is incredible by the way!

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