Kohl’s Offline/Online efforts

I am a frequent Kohl’s shopper, though I shop at Kohl’s, I just shop there for the deals. I am a “yes to you” rewards member and I also use email coupons for deals. I also hear ads on TV like the Kohl’s friends and family going on this weekend for “mother’s day”. They know that when you come in to buy for mom, you will earn the Kohl’s cash to spend for yourself. Most returning customers often spend more than the $10 Kohl’s cash. I also get email about one day flash sales going on. Their ads are also very effective and eye catching because the first thing you see on the flyer ads is the $10 Kohl’s cash.  Kohl’s is doing a great job using integrated marketing communication to reach customers and they have been very successful in getting repeat customers. They know that shoppers love deals and they are using the Kohl’s cash to draw customers into their store. partnering with Amazon just sealed the deal. If you can’t compete with the big guys partner with them. Kohl’s is using their Amazon partnership to bring more people into their stores and stay in business. Store are going out of business every day because of online shopping like Boston Store.

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