Harley Davidson Diverse(men & women, African American and Hispanic, older than 35)

I think Harley Davidson made this segmentation targeting change. It involves a wide variety of targets. This Commercial targets people from all demographics, White, African Americans, Hispanics, young adults, college students and people from all works of life. Harley Davidson in the past was viewed as a high earned brand mainly for people from 35 and above predominantly males. Today Harley has expanded their target. In order for Harley to reach its target audience, they need to advertise more on social media like face book and mobile phones because to the world is in the palm of our hands each and everyone in these diverse target owns a smart phone or is connected to social media in one way or the other. In order to get the under 35s, they need to do more face book commercials. Out of every 10 baby boomers 9 or 8  have a social media account and out of 10 men women and over 35s 9 of them own a smart phone. People don’t watch TV like they used to before smart phones anymore. Harley can run successful TV commercials only during events like super ball where many people are watching these commercials. Over all social media is the best way to get the business.

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