How does marketing influence you.

TV # 60


Online# 15

Gas pump topper#1

Over the past three days I have seen almost 100 ads both on TV, Radio, and online. It is amazing how businesses uses less then 2 minutes in one ad reach millions of their targeted audience. What really amazes me is how companies use gas pump toppers to target undisturbed audience.

The first ad i saw was on my way back from school at a BP gas station in Cambridge I can remember well because it was relevant to me as a driver. It was an allstate ad. I don’t know if this was a coincident or they are programmed this way for one to see an auto insurance ad on a gas pump topper.

The second ad I saw was on facebook. It was a Fashion Mia ad. It is an online fashion website. I always visit this side to look at clothing.

The third ad I can remember well is a radio ad. It was a car sales ad and they were mimicing the president. I can remember this ad because it was very funny. These companies take advantage of ongoing issues to reach their audience. They use such ads to capture people’s attention.