What is the future of retailing?

If I were a retail grocery store owner, I would use the omni-channel marketing by creating a mobile app to stay in the competition. Since the two retail giants Amazon and Wal-mart are out to put other retailers out of business. I will use this app and website and also create customer e-mail subscription to keep my customers posted of new arrivals and fresh products. I will also offer online ordering and curbside pickup which Walmart does not offer. Customers love convenience, providing such convenience to customers will draw crowds and keep the business alive. Wherever Wal-mart goes small businesses die, the best way to survive them is by exploiting their business strategies and implementing tools to shield your small business against them. How do we do this? providing quality product, creating customer awareness of the difference, offering perks and excellent customer service. I love deals but I don’t shop Wal-mart because they have low quality products.

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