Dynamic Pricing

Looking at dynamic pricing from a marketer or a business person’s perspective is a necessary evil.  Most marketers take advantage of demand and consumer’s pressing needs to charge high prices either to cover cost or make profit and also eliminate loses like airline companies who charge high prices to last minute customers too taking advantage of their pressing need. So people pay the price for not planning ahead. I have worked as a hotel receptionist, hotels charge very high rates on weekends and also on event days because they know they will have a high influx of customers who did not make reservations ahead and these customers are charged almost twice the price.  From the ethical perspective, dynamic pricing is so unfair and very exploitative. These marketers take advantage of customer’s situations and charge them more than they can afford. This is so unfair because some customers are charged higher than others for the same good which is so unfair to them. Looking at it business wise, it is profitable to the business but from the customer perspective, it is unfair and exploitative.

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