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For this week’s post, we are going to be talking about marrying villagers/NPC in the game of Stardew Valley. When taking a look at what people want to hear about this game, this topic was popular. I figured also since I am taking time to tell you about each villager, this post will also benefit you. Within this post I will talk about building relationships with villagers (to the point where you can marry them), staps/actions into the marriage process, and things about the villager and your character after marriage

Building a Relationship

Just like in real life, people will build relationships with others before they commit to dating and marriage. In Stardew Valley, you do that exact same with villagers. In my Getting to Know the Community post, I talk a lot about the different gifts that villagers love and hate. The reason I talk about that a lot is that giving gifts in the game is the best way to boost a relationship (gain hearts) with a villager(s). Also just speaking with them helps boost relationships.


Before you can marry a villager in Stardew Valley, you must date them. First, it is important to remember that not all villagers are eligible to date/marry. Below is a list of all available bachelors and bachelorettes

In order to start to date one of these villagers, you need to gain at least 8 hearts with them. Once you reach 8 hearts with a villager, next you want to give them a bouquet. You can buy a bouquet from the general store for only 200 gold. Once you give a bouquet to a villager you are able to gain more hearts with your now “significant other”.


After you start dating a villager, you are then able to obtain 10 hearts with them. Once you do, then you are able to drop the big question to them. However, you need a special item before doing this. Through a letter, Lewis will inform you about a Mermaid’s Pendant. he tells you that you will need to give this to your significant other when asking for their hand. The pendant is very significant within Stardew Valley and it is a tradition in the region. To get this Mermaid’s Pendant, you will need to buy it from the Old Mariner for 5,000 gold. The Old Mariner can be found on rainy days by the tidal pool on the beach (this is the area across the bridge that you can repair).

The Wedding

Three days after you ask a villager’s hand in marriage, you will have your wedding ceremony. The only time where the ceremony would happen after more than three days would be in the case if the third day happens to be when an event is. The ceremony takes place in the heart of Pelican Town and everyone gathers to celebrate with you.

Wedding Ceremony

Married Life

Once you have married a villager, they move in with you. Their heart meter will also grow to 14 hearts instead of 10. It is important to make sure that you have contact with your spouse every day, other wise the meter will start to go down and they will naturally not be as happy. Keeping your spouse happy will also result in them helping around the farm and house. Some activities/choirs your spouse will do for you are: watering crops, feeding animals, giving water to your cat or dog, repairing fences, and making meals. When you reach around 12 hearts with your spouse, you will also have a chance of them giving you a stardrop as a gift. If you don’t know what a startdrop is, it is an item that increases your max energy by 34 points permanently.

Spouse Outdoor Area

Another fun fact about having a spouse is that they get their own outside area. Just north of where your shipment container is, there is a small area where your spouse will participate in some of their favorite activities. For example, Sam likes to do starboard tricks on his half-pipe and Abigail likes to play her flute.

Abigail playing her flute
Sam Skateboarding

Breaking Up

Sometimes things just don’t work out. If you happen to find that your relationship within the game isn’t going too well, you can always break up with your spouse. To do this you will have to give your spouse a wilted bouquet. To get a wilted bouquet, you need to buy a normal bouquet then put it in a furnace with coal.

That is all that I have for this week. Make sure to go check out this weeks Getting to Know the Community Post.

All photos are from Stardew Valley Wiki