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This is my first Getting to Know the Community Post! These posts are going to be smaller in nature compared to my main posts. I will post these mini blog posts after most main blog posts. In these post, there is going to be one or more characters that I talk about from the game. I’ll give information about them like their occupation, family, gifts they like, and any other important information.

Robin The Carpenter


When first entering the game Robin is one of the first characters you meet. She is the one that greets you once you step foot off the bus at Stardew Valley.

Robin Welcoming You to Stardew Valley


Robin is the local carpenter and will help you with any of from new buildings, upgrading your house and buildings, and home decorations. The Carpenter’s Shop is located in the mountain area, which is located just north of Pelican Town. The shop is open most days from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.


Robin is a married woman, making her not eligible to marry within the game. She is married to Demetrius. Together the two have two children, Sebastian and Maru.



In Stardew Valley, you are able to give gifts to villagers. Giving gifts can help you build relationships with the villagers. For Robin, her top three favorite gifts are goat’s cheese, peach, and spaghetti. Some other gifts she enjoys are amethyst, apricot, and apples. However, there are some gifts you should avoid giving too. Robins’s top three hated gifts are bait, bat wings, and copper ore.

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