Croods 2

Movie Madness: Week 10

Croods 2 (Hulu, 2020)

In the sequel to The Croods (2013), Croods 2 continues off of undeveloped plot points of the first and runs with it. Much of the tone is the same compared in the first movie. However, the second movie just seemed sillier and slapstickish in humor the further you got into the movie. Croods 2 left a stronger impression than the first movie though its release was hindered in the height of the pandemic. The facial animations captured of the 3D renders captured every detail in their faces perfectly. Giving the characters elasticity and overall enhancing the characters. Out of all the media covered on Movie Madness, Croods 2 was the first to consistently use split-screen and slow-motion action to emphasize characters and scenes. Though it may not be a diamond-in-the-rough masterpiece, it is a good watch for anyone who enjoys slapstick or Nick Cage.

Final Thoughts

Opinions on the movie


The entire movie felt like a fever dream. I liked hearing my boy, Nicolas Cage, but overall not a big fan of the movie. It felt all over the place and a lot of the humor was a miss for me


For Croods 2: I thought that it was a very mid movie, good for a single time watch, but I definitely wouldn’t need to see this again.


It was just another movie for me. I could laugh at a few parts so its not a waste of time.

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  1. Growing up, I loved the first movie, so when Croods 2 came to streaming services last year, I decided to watch it for nostalgia’s sake. I was a little disappointed with the recycling of the themes from the first movie, but without the charm the original possessed.

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