Movie Madness: Week Nine

Invincible (Hulu, 2021)

From last week’s review of Netflix’s Arcane, we thought it is only fair to go over another show that came out of nowhere in 2021. Invincible, based on the comic published from 2003 to 2018, was adapted into its first season on Hulu. Its surprisingly gruesome fight scenes, adult themes, and mystery as to ‘who killed the guardians’ were what hooked its audience. Though the animation for this show was nothing stellar, the Hannah Barbera animation style (limited in movements) gave this show charm similar to that of the old DC animated series. You could really tell where they put the budget in when you see some of the fight scenes later in the show. Overall, the storyline and voice acting really makes the show shine. (Especially J.K. Simmons Omni man). However, when the animation is given the attention it deserves, (final fight) it really makes you wonder why marvel cant do something more like this.

Final Thoughts

How did you feel about the adult themes in Invincible?


My favorite type of superhero content includes violence, so I really enjoyed the adult themes in Invincible. Just seeing Omni-Man go ham made me go “YOOOOOOOO”


I enjoyed the more adult themes within the show. I thought it was pretty refreshing to see the animation be a lot more gruesome with some of its scenes.


I really wish we could have more animated shows like this. We need more adult animation so it can finally be seen to be more than a medium for younger audiences to enjoy. Shows like Invincible and Arcane are setting a promising path.

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  1. I haven’t watched Invincible yet, but I am a fan of violent superhero shoes. My personal favorite is The Boys on Hulu. I think I will check this show out during the summer.

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