Movie Madness: Week Seven

Akira (Hulu, 1988 )

Based on the 6 volume manga Akira, this cyberpunk action film directed by Katsuhiro Otomohemed has amazing scenery, world-building, complex character relations, and Cel animation. I can not tell you the number of times we were speechless from the horrific brutality and realistic movements of the characters in this film. The flow of the animation really did not hold back any movement expressed by the characters. The expressions were stretched to exaggerate and perfectly sold the voice acting. Overall, the movie was breathtaking to watch… However, seeing the ratings below- something seems off. Our viewing party was very confused by the end of this film. As we watched the movie, there was a constantly reiterated statement (what the fuck) as the story progressed. Perhaps we should’ve read the manga to better fill in the bits we missed. Maybe we should’ve watched it when our brains all could focus… Most likely we are just idiots. If you like a complex and mysterious story with nostalgic anime art and movement- this might be an interesting watch.

Final Thoughts

Would you suggest this movie to people who are as unfamiliar with Akira?


The backgrounds and movement were really well-done in the movie, but the facial expressions were incredibly cursed most of the time. Also, I had no idea what was going on in the story. If you were to watch it, I would suggest watching it with someone who knows what the plot is, or else you’re going to likely be very confused as to what the Frankenstein babies are.


How about no?


Unless you have read the manga or have someone who knows what’s going on to watch it with you- no.

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