The Cuphead Show

Movie Madness: Week Two

The Cuphead Show (Netflix 2022)

Yes, yes we know what you are thinking. But this show is just a piece of animated media you can not miss! The Cuphead Show was originally based off of the 2017 Cuphead game. Comparing this to last week’s media feature, the animation was very fluid and took a turn into the original rubberhose animation style. The faces often went off-model to display very unique and diverse expressions. However, 2D animation was not the only thing at work in the show. Stop motion, 3D animation also pulled their weight in the backgrounds and title cards. overall this amazing show has something for any animation lover!

Final Thoughts

What did you think of the overall show? (season one)


It was sooooo good. The Devil, King Dice, and the cupboys were so well-done. However, Bowlboy needs more screentime.


I loved the energy that the show game off and how expressive all the characters were. Super fun to watch.


I think this show would be a great study of combining animation styles with an overall whole and unified look.

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