Movie Madness: Week Eight

ARCANE (2021, Netflix)

yes, it’s time to cover another animated series. Arcane really shot out of nowhere onto Netlfix in the midst of 2021. As most of its audience knows, Arance is based on the 2009 game League of Legends. Sticking close to its guns (lore from the game) and stylized animation style; Arcane saw a smashing success worldwide. People who were familiar or unfamiliar could follow and get enthralled in the story. The 3D animation style took a similar movement to that of Spiderverse (2018) being animated on 2s. The snappy motion-captured really gave the characters the attention an animated movie from Disney would give. The expressions read clearly and sold voice actors’ performances as beloved characters. If you are familiar with League of Legends, you are in for a wonderful surprise as Netflix adapted it into one of their rare smash hits. If you aren’t familiar, it is still highly suggested to watch.

Final Thoughts

What did you think of this game-to-series adaptation?


Arcane’s animation is very very good. Heimerdinger is the best. Just don’t play league of legends after watching it. Trust me


Even though I have never really had any interest in League, I did find this game-to-series adaptation fun to watch. I really enjoyed the art style throughout it and how the different colors could contrast. It felt pretty captivating and there weren’t really any moments where I lost interest.


Netflix really has a lot of hit-and-miss experiments. I was really not all that interested in watching Arcane since I knew nothing of league and thought I would be left in the dust as the story progressed. Holy cow was I wrong. Watch it.

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  1. I’ve played League a handful of times, but was never a die hard fan even then I found Arcane to be really good. Personally, Powder was my favorite throughout the show. I agree with Cam though after watching the show don’t try to hop on League the experience is not as good as Arcane.

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